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Fundraising with Travel


You can take your fundraiser to the next level when you pare a benefit auctions with a travel package. If you work with an organization which depends on donations, where fundraising is key to successfully helping others in the community, we can help you generate more interest, and possibly more funds for your nonprofit group.


Many benefit fundraisers include auctions to help raise significant amounts of funding. Often the challenge can be finding those unique items or experiences which gala guests will be truly excited about. Doing it with a small budget can add to the challenges.


C.P. Trips can help! Our Fundraising with Travel program connects nonprofit organizations with unique and exotic destination travel packages for auction benefit fundraisers. Working with private villa owners, and luxury tour companies, we can provide you and your organization with a range of intriguing and exciting destinations which are sure to gain the attention of Auction guests, no matter the event.

Winners of these travel packages will experience an incredible journey while helping a cause they support. Organizations have the opportunity to raise funds as no out-of-pocket- cost to them.  Each Fundraising with Travel package has a reserve, or minimum fund requirement which covers the cost of the accommodations and amenities or special excursions within the trip.  Once the minimum reserve funding has been covered, any monies above that figure are for the organization to keep.


For example:

One of our Fundraising With Travel packages includes a Villa in Tuscany. The base cost to rent the property for one week is $1,800. The services of a private chef are available for $70 per person, or $140 for a couple. There are also some wonderful recreational and cultural activities which can be included, a $1,000 value. The total cost of this package is $2,140 (not including air fare which is always done separately as fares change daily.) With this travel package, once the $2,140 reserve has been met, the remaining funds go to the organization. If at auction the Tuscan Villa was auctioned off for $3,000, the non-profit will receive $860. This is just an example, actually proceeds received will vary.


Our Fundraising with Travel program includes a range of travel reserves- from $500 to $3,000; allowing for organizations and budgets of all sizes the chance to experience this highly coveted and successful way to raise funds.


Once the fundraiser is done, and funds collected, the auction winner need only contact CP Trips to begin planning their getaway. While the auction travel package includes a lot to begin with, there are also a wide range of additional travel experiences to enjoy at each destination. We are here to help ensure the travelers come back home with lifelong, magical experiences to treasure and remember. With this in mind, they will receive our expertise and special attention to detail towards planning any extras they may wish to include; and we can help them with booking air fare at a great rate once the date of their journey is planned.

We have packages with stays in Italy, Bali, Africa and Mexico, with other destination expected to be added to the list. Please note this page is under development. Check back here soon for all the details of each travel package. If you can’t wait and are ready to help your non-profit today, give us a call (503-658-5646) or email () and we can start planning a Fundraising with Travel package for you!